Surgical shadowing scheme is a platform that offers medical students the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the work of various surgical specialities as well as develop their pre-existing knowledge. It aims to achieve this by putting these students in contact with enthusiastic surgeons across London

For more information, contact us using the below form!

Due to insurance purposes, this scheme is only open to UCL Medical Students with UCL Surgical Society membership. We will check this once you apply.

If you apply at least 2 weeks early, your chance of getting a placement is significantly higher.

Applicants must apply with UCL email address!

The process

Step 1: Apply for a placement using the form below. This involves entering your preferred dates.

Step 2: Your shadow coordinator will liaise with a consultant and offer a placement on one of your preferred dates. If no placements can be offered at that time, please reapply on a different date.

Step 3: If agreeable, confirm the date with your shadow coordinator.

Step 4: Your shadow coordinator will send you a confirmation email with a copy to the surgeon. Should you have any queries regarding meeting the surgeon, please email the surgeon directly.

Step 5: Enjoy your placement and fill in the feedback form to receive a certificate!

For Paediatric Cardiothoracic shadowing at Great Ormond Street Hospital, please contact the cardiothoracics team using the form below. Please note this scheme is only available on Thursdays or Fridays, lasts the full day and is only running for the 1st term.

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This was my first time in theatre, and was an unforgettable learning experience.
— 2nd year medical student