Meet the team!

The committee works together to ensure that the society runs smoothly.

We’re passionate about surgery and what this society does: we want to give students the opportunity to learn, understand and appreciate what a career in surgery is really like!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch - you can go straight to the person's Facebook page by clicking on their photo!

In addition to this, we also have Speciality chairs for each surgical speciality who organise events and talks in their respective field

Pleasse bear with us as we update our website for the year ahead.

Committee Members

Claudia Eichenauer - President
Pia Borgas - Vice president
Joe Lehmann - Treasurer
Akshay Makam - Secretary
Jon Fairley - Academic Coordinator
Marios Erotocritou Jessie Gold Low - Clinical Skills Coordinators
Vinodh Arumugam - Shadowing Coordinator
Danny Kazzazi & Jess Liang - Media Coordinators
Shreya J Shah - Women in Surgery Co-ordinator
Women in Surgery Subcommitee: Rose Clarke

Speciality Chairs
Cardiothoracics Chair: Krunal Patel
Paediatric Surgery Chair: Andrea Nhm
ENT Chair: Jacob Rapier
Neurosurgery Chair: Aleksandra Lasica
Orthopaedic Chair: Pranay Bali
Ophthalmology Chair: Priyal Taribagil
Plastics Chair: Roshan Patel
Urology Chair: Chirag Rao

  Tobi Rotimi    President

Tobi Rotimi


  Claudia Eichenauer    Vice-President

Claudia Eichenauer


  Paul Jung    Treasurer

Paul Jung


  Grace Lee    Secretary

Grace Lee


  Daniel Alsoof    Academic Coordinator

Daniel Alsoof

Academic Coordinator

  Marios Erotocritou    Clinical Skills Coordinator

Marios Erotocritou

Clinical Skills Coordinator

  Tricia Lim    Shadowing Coordinator

Tricia Lim

Shadowing Coordinator

  Kristie Leung    Media Coordinator

Kristie Leung

Media Coordinator

  Alexis Low An Yee    Media Coordinator

Alexis Low An Yee

Media Coordinator


Looking after a surgical speciality for the year are the team below. They will hope to inspire many young, budding students to their own field through some amazing events and talks!

  James Fish    ENT

James Fish


  Joe Lehman    Urology

Joe Lehman


  Urvi Patel    Ophthalmology

Urvi Patel


  Sarah Choi    Trauma & Orthopaedics

Sarah Choi

Trauma & Orthopaedics

  Callum Auld    Plastics

Callum Auld


  Champagne Sanphairoj    Paediatrics

Champagne Sanphairoj


  Kate Barnes    Neurosurgery

Kate Barnes